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Nextedu.in is an online resource for students, teachers and parents managed by renowned educational and career consultants. It covers teachers’ needs with graphite; its online resource rating applications for classrooms. Teachers can search for what they need by subject, grade, common course standard or skill. It will help parents as a learning tool to help their kids get ahead or catch up. Teachers can use the online tool as a supplemental resource to reinforce what they are learning in the class room. The resources encourage peer tutoring and facilitate classroom discussions.

Nextedu.in will focus on all aspects of education starting from higher secondary to post doctoral level. This includes educational opportunities within the country and abroad, prospects, procedures, proficiency examinations, career prospects, selection of courses, educational consultancy, educational news, trends, analysis, top rated educational institutions, campus placements and many more on education and career. This will facilitate as a single source of information for students, parents and teachers.

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