Global health initiative promotes Biological research in US

In the changing scenario where economic recession, food security and food safety issues are emerging, United States of America is continued to be rated as one the best destinations for higher education and career. There are better prospects for education and research in the areas of Biological sciences in United States of America. As part of Global health initiative Nutrition, Child hood obesity, cancer care, food safety, food security, emerging pathogens, antibiotic resistance, formulation of new drugs, etc are some of the research priorities in the country. National institute of Health is closely monitoring the Biological research. International students can identify the emerging areas and pursue graduate and doctoral programmes from United States. Technology advancement is very high in United States. Four years of under graduate programme is the prerequisite for admission to any graduate programmes. Graduate record examination GRE and Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL with acceptable scores are mandatory for admission process. Academic merit, research aptitude, test score results and statement of purpose will be reviewed by US universities before giving admission to graduate programmes. One year home work is necessary for completing the admission process. Students can select the Universities based on their areas of interest and can identify one of the Professors as supervisor under whom he can do research. Continuous communication with the Professor through e mail will facilitate the admission process.

Chances of getting financial support through Fellowships/Assistantships is based on the funding sources/Federal Grant of the University. Students can work up to 20 hours per week as part time within the campus and can earn up to 800 US dollars per month to support the studies. After completing the programme, he can do one year practical training outside the campus and during this period he can try for better positions in US. Of the total number of International students, more than 90 percent are interested to settle in United States. Indian students excel in their research aptitude, knowledge and skill.

After completing plus two, Scholastic aptitude Test SAT is required for joining four years BS Pre-medical programme. After BS, MCAT Medical college aptitude test is mandatory for MD admission programme. This has a residency of minimum two years. So students from US will acquire MD only by 28 years. Some of the institutes have pioneering experience in certain fields. For example MIT for Engineering, Columbia for Business studies, Harvard for management programmes and University of Connecticut for Dentistry, Pharmacy, etc. Identify such premier institutes before applying for admission.

Even though US have economic slowdown, employment potential has not been affected. Engineering, Health, Food Science, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Accounting and law are the potential employment sectors in United States. Following are the Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2012 with their average annual salary.

1. Doctors and Surgeons (Average annual salary: $168,650-$234,950, Current employment: 618,000+)
2. Orthodontists and Dentists (Average annual salary: $161,750-$204,670, Current employment: 101,400)
3. Chief Executive Officers (Average annual salary: $176,550, Current employment: 267,370)
4. Petroleum Engineer (Average annual salary: $138,980, Current employment: 30,880)
5. Lawyer (Average annual salary: $130,490, Current employment: 570,950)
6. Architectural and Engineering Managers (Average annual salary: $129,350, Current employment: 184,530)

United States of America is the best destination for taking PhD in Science and Engineering. Number of PhDs granted in United States in the last 10 years has increased substantially in Science and Engineering. But when compared to last three decades it is substantially low says Dr.Subra Suresh, Padmasree winner2011 and the Director of National Science Forum of United States who is directly working under Obama administration. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai Dr.Suresh earlier worked as Dean at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr.Suresh’s work on nano- biotechnology as one of the top ten emerging technologies having significant impact on Business, medicine and culture.


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