Do You Have What It Takes To Get Into A Great School?

John A. Byrne

The most common question MBA-wannabes are asking right now: “What are my chances of getting into a top-ranked business school?”

As would-be applicants pore over the raw stats and acceptance numbers of their dream schools, they’re sizing up their own odds of getting into a Harvard or Stanford, Columbia or Chicago, Kellogg or Tuck. And they’re making the inevitable calculations to answer the question: Should I invest the time and energy to apply this year?
Do you have what might be called “nosebleed stats” likely to open the doors to a top school? Or did you goof off during your undergrad years and worry about whether your work experience offsets your low GPA? And do you work for a “sexy” or “dull” company that is not a feeder into the best business schools?
To handicap the odds for various candidates, we turned to Sanford “Sandy” Kreisberg, founder of MBA admissions consulting firm and asked him to analyze profiles of typical MBA applicants. He does so with a sense of irreverence, wit and intelligence that makes his assessments compelling and insightful reading. The story became so popular that we turned it into a weekly series.
Learn if you have what it takes to get into a great MBA program.



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