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Graduate Record Examination- GRE

Graduate Record Examination- GRE, which is mandatory for getting admission to Graduate programmes in United States, UK and Canada, will witness exciting changes from August 2011 onwards. GRE are of two types i.e.; Generalized and Specialized tests. Generalized GRE was revised from August2011 onwards. Specialized GRE is other wise called Subject GRE which is required for certain specific subjects like Biochemistry, Cell and molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English literature, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.
Generalized GRE comprises of three tests like Analytical Writing that measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills, specifically the test taker’s ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively. Verbal reasoning measures reading comprehension skills, verbal and analogical reasoning skills, focusing on the test taker’s ability to analyze and evaluate written material. Quantitative reasoning measures problem solving ability, focusing on basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.

Revised test is student friendly design for the computer based GRE test that helps to edit or change answers, skip questions and more, all within a section giving freedom to use more of students own test-taking strategies. An on screen calculator is one of the new features. New types of questions in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative reasoning sections, many featuring real-life scenarios that reflect the kind of thinking required for graduate and business school programs. GRE revised General Test features a new score scale that can make it easier for schools to compare scores with that of other candidates.

Recent decision taken by Educational Testing Service (ETS) to accept GRE scores for admission to Business schools will be beneficial to Indian students who opt for Management programme abroad. Previously if a student intends to do post graduation in their respective field say MS programme, he has to complete GRE with better scores. If he is interested to join for MBA programme abroad he has to complete GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test). Recently ETS has developed a comparative tool, which can predict GMAT scores from GRE general test scores. It has been developed in response to the requests received from students and educational institutions. Both GRE and GMAT will give equal importance to verbal and quantitative reasoning skills of the students. So the recent decision is really a boom for Asian students who are more interested to pursue MBA from abroad. Moreover they can save the money for writing GMAT. This paves the way for applying a student for either MS or MBA programme. More than 150 business schools in USA, UK and Canada are ready to accept GRE scores for the admission process. It is mandatory for the student to complete English proficiency examinations like IELTS/TOEFL for study abroad programme.

Fee for GRE generalized test will be 190 US dollars. For rescheduling and changing test centre 50 dollars are required.

GRE Exam Registration procedures

1. ETS ( Educational Testing Service) conducts GRE Exam
2. Use ETS GRE website as main source of information
3. Get complete understanding of what is required to register for the GRE Test.
4. Make sure you have all the required documents even before registering the GRE Exam.
5. While booking make sure you give the name as given in your passport.
6. Don’t register for GRE if you don’t have Surname (or last name) in the passport.
7. Add last name in your passport, then register for GRE Exam.
8. Find out payment options available and use the option (Credit/Debit Cards, Check, Money Order, Western Union,) that is convenient to you.
9. Plan well in advance, so you don’t make any mistakes.
10. You can talk to Regional Registration Center in your country for additional information on GRE Exam process.

GRE –model questions

  • Verbal
    Write the most nearly opposites
    BESTIR-(empathize, dull, remove, pacify, restore)
    VANTAGE –(inferiority, dupe, favor, disparity, perusal)
  • Quantitative-?Blood cell has a diameter of 0.008 mm and Muscle cell has 0.07mm.then how many times the muscle cell is bigger than blood cell-(0.1, 0.8, 1.14. 5.6, 8.75)
  • Analytical- Analysis of an issue –
    Statement- financial gain should be the most important factor in choosing the career- start from Yes/No

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