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Time for bravery in achieving access

Higher education has changed. This is the age of mass higher education. It will soon be the age of universal higher education, and universities must no longer act as if they are still inaccessible, ivory tower bastions of the elite and only the elite.
The argument that students somehow benefit from the futile exercise of cost-sharing is a political and ideological one – not an evidence-based one. In the words of Elisabeth Gehrke, ESU’s vice chair, the argument that universal higher education is a luxury that we cannot afford is an even more deeply political statement when trillions are expended on defence, espionage and chemical weaponry.
The coming age of semi-formal regional and global networks being the most powerful international organisations in the world makes the ongoing work towards an ASEAN – Association of South East Asian Nations – economic community one of the most exciting global cooperation projects in the world to observe from the outside.
And when the next World Congress takes place, in Malaysia in 2015, it is hoped that both the Thai sense of responsibility and the European Access Network sense of activism and mobilisation will have made the access movement all the more powerful and relevant. The student movement is not afraid of idealism and wears the label, often used as an accusation, as a badge of pride.



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