Emerging areas of Engineering-Prospects ahead

Engineering: Civil, Structural & Environmental
Of the total number of engineers in the world 13 percent are Indian Engineers. It has been decided to increase the number of Engineers from 13 percent to 25 percent by 2020. Research activity in Civil and Structural Engineering and in Environmental Building is focused on four themes: coastal engineering; sustainable building; structural engineering; and engineering management. Coastal Engineering Research is at the forefront of developments in the study of flood risk, field and laboratory measurements of wave impact loading and beach morphology, and in theoretical development and numerical modeling.

India ranks third in telecommunication sector in the world. By 2015 this sector will exhibit spectacular growth and create immense job opportunities in India. This will be reflected in the information technology sector also. Taking in to account the emerging technologies like 4G & 5G and opportunities in the telecom sector, electronics, electronics and communication, electrical and electronics and Information Technology will have more potential during the coming years. Nanotechnology, Mechatronics and Bioinformatics are emerging as the promising technological areas within the country and abroad. BTech graduates can join for MS in mechatronics or Nanotechnology abroad which are having more research and career prospects. Biomedical science; Bioinformatics, electronics & communication, Mechanical engineering, Dairy technology, Environmental engineering, Maritime engineering and Fashion technology are emerging as the major placement oriented courses. In United States Biomedical engineering is having more careers potential since more than 50 percent vacancies of biomedical engineers exist in the country. Civil, Architecture and Chemical engineering graduates can pursue post graduation abroad for better placements. By 2015 eco friendly technologies will acquire momentum in the country. As part of popularizing green technologies, chemical engineering may emerge as one of the potential sectors, which can assist in developing eco friendly pollution control measures.

Mechatronics is emerging as one of the integrated new generation courses having enough careers potential within the country and abroad. This is a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical & electronics, computer engineering, systems engineering and control engineering. It is also called Robotic science. Mechatronics has wide applications in Robotics, Nanotechnology, automation, aircraft engineering, biomedical systems and computer-aided design. Biomechatronics is a branch of Mechatronics having electronics, mechatronics and biology as the different fields of study. Taking in to account the emerging opportunities in the telecom sector, Nanotechnology and Mechatronics is emerging as the promising technological areas.

Even though mechatronics courses have got wide popularity in Canada, United States and UK, in India it is in the primitive stage. All industrial employers are trying to reduce the number of employees. Their objectives are to increase production, productivity and profitability. They prefer mechatronics engineers to reduce one-third work force of engineering staff. Number of institutions offering mechatronics course is comparatively less in India. There are only very few institutions offering BTech and MTech mechatronics programmes.

Being the four-year graduate programme, engineering students can directly apply for postgraduate programmes in Mechatronics abroad. MS Mechatronics is the most established and successful specialist programme in UK, which will substantially enhance career prospects of students. It is of one-year duration under full-time programme. In United States MS Mechatronics course is of two years duration.

Environmental Engineering
Environment engineering is the study of ways to protect the environment. This will make a real difference in the survival of the planet by finding ways of cleaning oceans, rivers and drinking water, developing air pollution equipment, designing more effective recycling systems or discovering safe ways to dispose of toxic waste.

Geological and geophysical Engineering
This field uses engineering principles to seek and develop deposits of natural resources and design foundations for buildings, bridges and other structures.

Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace engineers design, analyse, model, stimulate and test aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and rockets.

Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural engineers use knowledge of engineering technology and science to agriculture and the efficient use of biological resources.

Bio engineers study living systems and safety of food systems.

Ceramic and material engineering
They use products made possible by the inventions and designs of engineers working with ceramics and other materials.

Chemical engineering
Chemical engineers discover and manufacture better plastics, paints, fuels, fibres, medicines, fertilizers, semiconductors, paper and other types of chemicals.

Civil Engineering
Civil engineers oversee the construction of buildings and infrastructure that makes up the world, highways, railways, bridges, water reservoirs, etc.

Computer Engineering
It is the design, construction, implementation and maintenance of computers and computer controlled equipments for the benefit of mankind.

Electrical Engineering
It helps in developing components for most essential and fun things in the world. Electrical engineers can work on robotics, computer networks, wireless communications or medical imaging.

Industrial Engineering
Industrial engineers use the most effective ways to use people, machine, materials, energy and information to make a product or provide a service.

Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing engineers direct and coordinate the processes for making things

Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineers work in every area of technology, from aerospace and automotive to computers and biotechnology.

Nuclear engineering
Nuclear engineers harness the power of atom to benefit mankind.

Petroleum Engineering
They study the earth to find oil and gas reservoirs.



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