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Unlike British students, Indian students are quite comfortable with the idea of travelling overseas for education, says Andrew Soper, Counsellor (Prosperity), British High Commission, New Delhi.In an interview with Mathrubhumi Education Online, Andrew Soper said that Indian students were very much ready to travel round the globe for quality education and this was increasing their global experience. "But UK students are not good enough in travelling across the globe, particularly for education. This attitude deprives them of global experience. We don't see it as a good trend. Hence, we are trying to implement student ability programmes and partnership programmes with universities abroad. This will help students to traverse other countries as part of their academic programme," he said.

Admitting that the number of Indian students going to UK to pursue higher studies is witnessing a downward trend for the last two years, he said that the UK Government has not set any limit in the number of Indian students who could study in UK. "The number of Indian students visiting UK has come down by nearly 10,000. While rupee depreciation is said to be a major reason, our strict immigrant policies also affected the inflow of students. When we found that some people were coming to UK in student visa but were working here, UK Government clamped down on this by tightening the immigrant policies. But, we are always open to genuine students. In fact, we want the best and brilliant students of India to pursue their education in UK," he said.

On the importance of taking up research more seriously, he said that a research initiative intended at increasing the participation of Indian students in the researches at UK universities was started in 2006 and was going on very successfully. We have entered the second phase of the initiative and the research programmes are funded jointly by UK and Indian governments. According to him, some UK universities are independently entering into collaboration with Indian universities to promote student exchange programmes.When asked about the quality of Indian students visiting UK, Andrew Soper said that the quality was high as most of these students get into the best universities there. About retaining Indian students in UK even after completing their studies, he said, "There are many highly-talented students among Indians. We are more than happy to offer them jobs in UK if they prove that they could contribute significantly to UK economy."



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