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Campus interview requires thorough homework


                     NASSCOM predicts that if graduates can improve their technical, communication and English proficiency skills they can fully exploit the potential to meet the emerging challenges in the career market. IT companies in the country are interested to recruit more number of science graduates from the campus. While attending the campus interviews, copies of your updated resume, recommendation letters, project information and referees details are needed. You can collect recommendation letters from two of your senior faculty members whom will strategically assess your performance.
Now a days job recruitment through campus interviews has been increased substantially. So emphasis to improve soft skills must start from the college itself. If a student gets opportunity to improve soft skills during his study period, he can perform well in campus interviews. Recently students who are poor in communication are interested to improve their skills after graduation so as to perform well in the interviews. At the same time if the ‘miniature concept of finishing schools’ are incorporated along with the curriculum it will be very much useful for the students to get placement easily.
Campus interview has different stages. Basics, dressing right, way of answering questions, etiquette, interview process and preparation are more important. Your dress must be excellent to create impression in the panel. You must dress professionally. Never wear multi colored or glistening dresses. Wear only solid light colored dresses. Suits, tie, shoes and socks must be selected according to the dress code. Never take any food items just before the interview, which will create pungent smell in the interview hall. Too much cosmetic and ornaments have to be avoided. Girls must avoid high-heeled shoes or foot wear. Hairstyle should be in accordance with the norms and culture. You can use a deodorant if needed. Nails should be properly cut. Do not smoke before entering the interview hall. Reach the interview venue at least half an hour early. Behave properly with the receptionist and sit in the allotted waiting area. As far as interview is concerned, first 5 minutes impression will create the best impression. After wishing, face the panel, but never fall on the chair. You must be in a relaxed and confident mood. During this period you must impress upon the interview panel. Panel will carefully judge your jaw-to-jaw movement and words.
Common questions for the campus interview are as follows.
Tell about yourself?
Limit this to 3-4 sentences. You must talk about the things you have done well at your college and how you wanted to perform in the first job.
Why should we employ you?
List out your strength and opportunities for the job based on your knowledge and experience. Impress upon the panel based on your communication, analytical, co-ordination and planning skills. You must prove yourself through your words the ability to motivate people, good entrepreneurial skill, co-operative skills, ability to persuade others to do job and experience to work under different situations. Moreover it must highlight your team spirit and commitment.
Do you have offers from other companies?
It is a very difficult question to test your honesty. Answer must be according to your career goal.
About the project work?
Prepare thoroughly to answer the questions. List out its implications.
Expected salary?
You can answer this in such a way that I will talk about this after job offer. You must say this in a convincing tone. While quoting the rate never apologize. You can tell about your expectations based on jobs, skills, knowledge, performance, etc.
Your expectations?
It must be based on the job, performance and skills. Assess the company based on the growth rate, perks, promotion avenues, etc.
About the company?
Don’t give answer based on your opinion. It must be based on the reported/published facts. Talk about the product, market size, potential, annual growth rate, export potential, market perception, etc.
If the panel suggests that you are over qualified?
You must prove that over qualification may not be a drawback. Future growth of the company will be increased based on my experience.
Your turn to ask questions towards the panel?
Ask about the company, career goals, opportunities, training, promotion, work culture and management style.
You will be judged based on your academic background, interview performance, project work and family back ground. Moreover your interpersonal skills, interests, enthusiasm, team spirit and commitment towards the organization will be judged during the interview. So sufficient homework is needed before attending the campus interview. Please remember, ‘once you leave the campus, you cannot attend the campus interview.


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