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What are the best questions to ask during a job interview?

The questions during the interview will be based on certain priorities. They are cultural fit, longevity, testing the recruiter’s passion, teamwork, learning, getting the jobs and closing well. Here are some of the favorite questions to ask during a job interview:

Priority: Culture Fit
• Why you are interested in this post?
• How would you describe the /organizational structure/leadership style of the company?
• What are the most commonly associated challenges?
Priority: Longevity
• How will your work contribute to the company’s mission?
• How you will address the competitors?
• What is the biggest threat to this industry?
• How will your success can be evaluated?
Priority: Testing the Recruiter’s Passion
• Why did you choose this company?
• How do you view the company differently?
• Whether your expectations been met?
Priority: Teamwork
• What are the qualities and traits required?
• How could you immediately help the current team to succeed?
Priority: Learning
• Whether you received opportunities for training such as continuing education, understanding new technologies, etc.?
• How does this company view mentorship (traditional, reverse, and mutually beneficial)?
Priority: Getting the Job
• How will be your performance during the first three months?
• What are the Top 3 priorities?
• What are the changes or improvements you expect from the person who fills this position?
Priority: Closing Well
• Do you have any questions to ask?
• If you have been selected when you will join?


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