KVASU to study best practices amongst Governance Structures in non Public Universities in India

Association of Indian Universities accepted a research project of Dr.B.Ashok, Vice Chancellor Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University as the Principal Investigator regarding the proposal for Joint Research Project on 'An Evaluation of Best Practices Amongst Governance Structures in Non Public Universities in India’. The Proposal has been accepted by the competent authority as informed by Dr Amarendra Pani, Head, Research, Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi. The Project outlay is Rs 5 lakhs.
India has750 Universities, 47000 college and 30 million students with a gross enrolment rate of 21 percent for the age group of 18-23 years. Private sector accounts for 62 percent intake of students, State Governments by 35 percent and Central Government by 3 percent. Recent statistics and rankings reveal that there is not even a single University among the top 200 Universities in the World. The vision 2030 of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry envisages that by 2030 number of students in the higher education sector will increase from 30 million to 70 million with the GER of 50 percent. It has been forecasted that 23 Universities will reach the top 200 of the World by 2030 and the country will have at least six new Nobel laureates. Share of private sector in education system has grown from 42 percent to 64 percent from 2001 to 2014.Private sector will have 80 % share of the students. There are three tiers of higher education institutions in the world. They include foundation institutions, career focused institutions and research focused institutions. Taking in to account the potential requirement India need both Career focused and research oriented institutions to become world class institutions. In order to achieve the target envisaged in Vision 2030, best practices amongst governance structure in non public Universities in India must be analyzed. This study will highlight the best practices followed in non public Universities in the country which can be taken as a bench mark developing 23 world class Universities in the Country; Says Dr.B.Ashok, Vice Chancellor, KVASU and Principal investigator of the project. Major objectives of the study include comparison of present governance structure in non public Indian Statutory Universities incorporated in last 5 years and to recommend best practices in University governance as practiced by non public Universities. Ashok added.
The Design of Study includes study on background of promoters, their legal character and resource set apart for the University, Business plan put forth by the proposed University entity and modems of review streaming and concept of breathing event; cash flows, Instituted legal structure, authorities prescribed by the Act, relationship of Governance Structure to Managements, staffing structure and Human Resource Management and Innovations made by governance structure as policy in back room management, cost cutting, norms in teaching non teaching staff, realization of faculty manpower structure etc., The proposed work holds excellent learning prospects for agency like AIU and UGC apart from Universities. This can be used for fixing the benchmark for attaining Vision 2030 in Higher education sector in India.


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