US education- Prospects and Challenges


Under graduate programme
The process of going from High School to college for undergraduate programmes includes many challenges and opportunities. Decision in this regard must be taken after thorough consultation. Before proceeding for under graduate programme abroad, discuss with the teachers, parents and educational counselors about your probable options. Important criteria for admission are the student’s grade point averages based on grades earned in the high school. Examinations like ACT and SAT will test the applicant’s abilities in English, Mathematics, reading and Science.

Financial requirement for the study must be met through different ways. Combination of savings, family income, loans, income through part time work, etc must be ascertained.
While choosing a college consider the following questions.

  • Does the school offer a degree programme/course working their chosen major or minor field of study?
  • What kind of out of class activities and campus organizations are available?
  • What kind of facilities is available?
  • School’s reputation or ranking?
  • Requirements for entrance?
  • Cost required?
  • Location of the school?
  • Is the college diverse in population?

Transition to college can also mean living in a city for the first time, living with a roommate, cooking on your own, facing personal choices with relationships and finding one’s personal identity. Students feel more pressure to manage their time while maintaining their grades. They can also work part time to earn money.


TOEFL measures ability to use and understand the English Language as it is read, written, heard and spoken in the University classroom.
Scores will be posted online within two weeks after the test date. Scores will be mailed to the Universities or institutions you selected.
ETS offers several test preparation resources to help the students. They include the best selling Test prep book, official guide to TOEFL test and TOEFL Practice Online

Pre MBA programmes
Pre MBA programme is the first step to become a knowledgeable, effective business professional. This will help to ensure the following areas

  • Preparation for the demands of the graduate business school
  • Academic culture in different countries
  • Develop effective oral and written communication skills
  • Learn about the country’s business status.
  • Prepare for graduate admissions tests
  • Get support from experienced academic advisors

Why get an MBA
Meteoric rise in the world’s emerging economies and the relative scarcity of management talent has created new opportunities for fresh MBAs abroad.

What to keep in mind before selecting a Business School?

  • Identify your criteria
  • Build a strong background
  • Select an Accredited progamme
  • Assess your resources
  • Differentiate GMAT and GRE scores- which is best?
  • Manage your timings
  • Prepare for the test
  • Have a ‘Plan B’ for a list of best schools
  • Talk to real live people like how you will be treated in the school
  • Ask questions like faculty profile, schools success records, alumni status, industry connections, support services, campus environment, technology, innovative programmes, extracurricular opportunities, student to faculty ration, percentage of International students, leadership etc.

US Visa
Prior to your consular interview try to gather the following

  • Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee. Visit student exchange visitor programme’s website for making payment appropriate for your programme and save the I-797 receipt. SEVIS is student exchange visitor information system which is used to generate your I-20 or Ds-2019 and keep record of your immigration status while student/exchange visitor in the US
  • Complete and sign electronic e form Non immigrant visa application form DS-156 along with DS-158.
  • US embassy in New Delhi and Consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.
  • Application DS-160 is the latest one replacing DS-156,157 and 158
  • Pay the Machine readable visa application fee
  • One 2X2 inch passport size photograph
  • A passport valid at least six months beyond your anticipated stay in US
  • 1I-20/DS-2019 form issued by the programme you plan. Exchange visitor need to submit DS-7002
  • Transcripts and diplomas from previous institutions attended
  • Letter of admission from US institution or sponsor
  • Scores of tests like TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT,etc
  • Evidence of adequate funding to cover the tuition fee and living expenses-Bank statements, affidavits of support, scholarships, assistantships,etc
  • Evidence of strong ties to your home and your intent to return after study
  • Relationship of the dependents with proof
  • Digital fingerprint scan will be taken before the interview.

Interview will be in English which lasts only 3-5 minutes. They will review of your application and supporting documents. You must quickly and clearly demonstrate to the consular officer that you are serious in your intentions to the study, have enough funding to support your stay in US, possess the English proficiency and plan to return home after your study period. Since you are applying for a non immigrant visa, you must convince the officer that study in the US is an important part of your ultimate career plan to return to your home country.


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