Move to restrict Part time work may affect Indian Students


Recent move of the British Government to impose control over part time work of international non European Union students will affect the Indian students aspiring for education in UK. Students studying in UK have the provision to do part time work up to 20 hours per week to support themselves. Recently UK has announced that from August 2015 there will be restriction for issuing part time work visa for International students. Moreover UK has decided not to allow employees outside UK, earning less than 35000 pounds to continue in UK. This will affect thousands of Indian Nurses and Chefs which will come in to effect from April 2016. Moreover UK imposed control over post study work visa since April 2011. As part of the same, students have to leave UK to their home country rather than continuing to work in UK under post study work visa. These reforms will heavily affect international students especially Indians. More than 1.21 lakh international students are annually studying in UK. Of which more than 75 percent are Indians.
UK education excels from other countries due to its cutting edge technologies, new generation courses, short term courses and quality educational institutions. UK was the pioneer in promoting international education. At a time when European Union was not interested to promote education in English, UK promoted education for International students in a big way. UK has got one year Masters Programme under professional graduate programme. But currently European Union started promoting education for International students and post study work visa is available up to three years. Cost of education in European countries like Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands are comparatively less when compared to UK or United States. UK’s recent move will affect poor bright students from India who are aspiring for education in UK through part time work, Scholarships, Assistantships or Fellowships. British council should take up the issue to assist international students to study in UK.



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