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Online application process requires thorough homework

                               In the digitalised era students aspiring for higher education or career can apply for higher education or career through online. Recently online application process is popular among more than 90 percent of the courses in the country and abroad. State like Kerala which is a fully digitalised state in the country can exploit this potential in a big way. But there are lot of instances in which application process become unsuccessful and students may not be getting the opportunity to write the entrance examinations. This is prevalent in National entrance tests for professional courses in the country. Says Dr.T.P.Sethumadhavan, Education and career Consultant. Dr.Sethumadhavan made this statement while addressing the plus two students aspiring for professional courses recently as part of socio and educational entrepreneurship programme. While selecting online applying process students and parents should read the instructions carefully from the website or notification. Always use broadband internet browser for the applying process. Never try to upload through smart phones unless you are expert in digitalisation. Application requires uploading of photo, signature or thumb impression as the case may be. It should be in the required size specified in the prospectus. Students and parents are suggested to copy these requirements in the desktop in the appropriate size for easy uploading. Initially students are required to login through separate user name and password. Always remember the username and password for future correspondence. There are instances where students forget the password and makes lot of difficulty in resetting the password for getting the admission card. Always note down the username and password. Students after plus two used to apply for nearly 10 professional course entrance tests. While making payments for application fee it can also be made through online either credit card, debit card or net banking.  While making payments one time password should be entered as and when required. After making payments if the application process is successful the candidate can view a separate menu and try to take the printout of the submitted application form. Application number, user name and password are the cardinals for tracking the application in future. Any correspondence regarding the incomplete submission of application will be received at the email id mentioned in the application form. There are instances where students will get awareness about the improper submission of application form at the final stage which makes them unable to appear for the examination.




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