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Assess the transparency of overseas admission process



    Recent decision of an American University to evict 25 Indian students is an eye opener for Students and parents. Without assessing their strength and weaknesses, students should not try for education abroad. Recently many foreign Universities started giving admission to under graduate students from Asian countries through agencies after giving false promises. Education in American University differs from Indian Universities in so many ways. Cutting edge technology, continuous monitoring and evaluation, hectic assignments, project works, thrust to skill development, choice based credit system; increasing cost of living, etc are some of the peculiarities of American under graduate school education System. In order to get admission to a UG programme, students need to complete TOEFL and SAT with desired scores. TOEFL and GRE are required for admission to graduate programmes. But there are agencies who prompt students in such a way that admission process can be easily made through without proficiency examinations and bypassing the eligibility criteria. Some of the fake Universities may give admission to students. Agencies may give heavy promises like permanent visa, job, etc in United States.

Students must consider their interest, aptitude, financial status of parents before applying for education abroad. They should know the education system, admission criteria, higher education and career prospects, etc. Students can find out all these details from appropriate websites or from faculty members who did their education abroad. But the recent trend is students immediately approach unauthorised agencies and try to seek admissions. With their false promises they compelled to pay huge amount and seek admission. It is a known fact that there are umpteen numbers of Universities in all developed countries without proper recognition!

                            The recent incident of eviction of Indian students was due to their in eligibility and incapability to pursue Computer science at Western Kentucky University. 25 Indian students in their first semester of computer sciences programme at Western Kentucky University have been asked to return to India or find placement in other schools, because they did not meet the admission standards of the varsity, 60 Indian students were enrolled for the programme in January this year and the university was said to have used international recruiters to enrol them.
40 the students did not meet the requirements of their admissions, even though they were offered remedial help by the university. They could not meet their grade point average so the university had taken this decision.

The students had been admitted after a recruitment campaign in India where the recruiters had run advertisements offering "spot admission" to the university, as well as tuition fee waiver. With this incident university had altered its international recruitment efforts in India. The school will also send members of the computer science faculty to India to meet with students before offers of admission are made in future. Western Kentucky University authorities told.


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