2017 will witness spectacular employment opportunities in E commerce and Innovation

 2017 will witness spectacular employment opportunities in E commerce, Innovation, communication, new media, Business analytics, Entrepreneurship, Dairy technology, Banking, Retail industry, Agribusiness and Food processing sectors. Says T.P.Sethumadhavan, Educational and Career Consultant. He made this remark while addressing the first year students of Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University on educational and career opportunities of Veterinary, Dairy, Food technology and poultry science sector yesterday at Thrissur as part of three day Orientation and personal enhancement programme. Since services sector in creates more employment, it is the need of the hour for agriculture and allied sector to exploit the opportunities in services sector to improve career potential. Veterinary, Dairy, Food technology and poultry science graduates need to consider their domain as part of agriculture. When the country is looking for clean India, clean air and clean water and to double the farmers profit by 2022 these sectors are emerging as the catalysts to achieve these targets. Of the total income Indians spend 40 percent of daily income for food. Gross capital formation is high in livestock and fisheries sector. There is a huge opportunity for Entrepreneurship in livestock sector within the high value agriculture. Livestock sector plays an important role in rural livelihood, employment and income generation. Major livestock products like milk and milk products, meat and eggs contribute around one-sixth of the calories and one-third of the proteins in the per capita food supplies of the world.
Agriculture and Agribusiness had shown significant fall in growth from 25 to 14%. This has resulted in widening of growth inequities between urban and rural areas. Improving productivity and quality of crops and value addition of agriculture produce would boost farm incomes and promote industries which can provide gainful employment to rural youth. Innovative technologies will help to improve farm productivity. Organic farming has been identified as one of the key areas of sustainable agriculture. Value addition, connectivity to market and e commerce will facilitate market led production. 100 percent foreign direct investment has been allowed in food processing sector. Entrepreneurship and skill development including e commerce are acquiring momentum across the country.
India has 757 Universities, 47000 college and 30 million students with a gross enrolment rate of 25 percent for the age group of 18-23 years. Private sector accounts for 62 percent intake of students, State Governments by 35 percent and Central Government by 3 percent. By 2030 number of students in the higher education sector will increase from 30 million to 70 million with the GER of 50 percent. It has been forecasted that 23 Universities will reach the top 200 of the World by 2030 and the country will have at least six new Nobel laureates.
Innovation can trigger employment opportunities in Tradition, Talent, Tourism, Trade and Technology sectors. There is huge opportunity for innovation in clean tech and Entrepreneurship in the country. Climate change can be converted in to a global economic opportunity. India is second largest smart phone market in the World with third largest country for downloads in 2016 within the Google Play Store. On an average 66 Apps installed per user and 23 used daily. Mobile is emerging as the ideal platform. Agri informatics, connectomics, analytics, internet of things and genomics can provide more employment.
Local innovation is more important. Now the trend is more towards intelligent enterprise, smart system, machine learning and huge data. Digital led and Consumer friendly ICT deliverables innovations are emerging as potential areas having wide applications when India is promoting the initiative of Digital India. There is huge opportunity for enterprise startup. Innovation will push the frontiers of imagination. There are ample opportunity for innovation in Agriculture, Dairy, Poultry, food Technology, Information technology and Biotechnology.
Higher education in management in premier management schools like Indian Institute of Management, International Business School, National Institute of Extension management and institute of Rural management Anand will facilitate better employment. In the changing scenario there are umpteen opportunities for higher education and career in United States, Canada and Australia. Agriculture graduates can think of working different sectors like corporate, research, services, banking, management, consultancy, food processing, dairy industry, developmental science and rural development sector within the country and abroad.


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