US Universities started damage control measures over Trump’s executive order

US President Donald Trump’s move to restrict the entry of refugees and change the visa norms created an apprehension among US Universities and students aspiring for education and career in United States. Even though Several US Federal Courts stayed the move, educational institutions are worried about the recent happenings. US is one the global destinations for international students. Many Universities in United States started writing letters to their collaborators from other countries explaining about the developments in United States and are trying to pacify the situation. US Universities are community of scholars that is home to students, faculty, and staff from across the nation and the globe. International students form large and diverse population is one of the greatest strengths of a top research university. Their diversity is indeed central to the rich nature of campus life and the excellent education.

                Daniel Weiner, Vice President for Global Affairs, University of Connecticut (UConn) to in a letter addressed to me as one among the Global Partners regarding Trump Executive Order on Immigration explained the impact of U.S. President Trump's executive order on immigration. He suggested that we join the many other universities that have expressed deep concern about the executive order, its human impacts, and the message it sends to the world. While direct and indirect consequences were felt across the nation and world immediately, the full impacts of the executive order have yet to become fully apparent. International students represent 109 different countries throughout the world. We have more than 1,400 undergraduate international students, and one in four of our graduate students are international students. Many of our faculty are from other nations and at any one time there are many visiting scholars on our campuses from around the world.

The UConn community, the State of Connecticut, and the United States of America thrive on diversity and multiculturalism—our differences make us who we are as a nation. Immigration is at the core of our identity and the idea of ‘America.’ The executive order challenges this. Even UConn Professors Molly Land and Kathryn Libal from our Human Rights Institute have written an article for the Chronicle of Higher Education about how Trump is undermining Higher Education as a Global Enterprise.”

 Individual freedom and human rights are the foundation on which effective higher education is built. UConn is a global university and home to students, faculty, scholars and staff from more than 110 nations. We have active university partners in all world regions. The University of Connecticut’s academic plan Creating Our Future – UConn’s Path to Excellence underscores global citizenship and diversity as core institutional values. UConn will seek to understand and address the persistent challenges of human interaction: celebrating human difference and diversity while addressing harmful inequality and disparities, and achieving rights and justice. Addressing these challenges at home and abroad is central to our land grant mission. We understand the anxiety and adverse effects that this past week has brought to many, both here at home and abroad. UConn will aggressively pursue its global mission and provide the necessary support to our community. We look forward to continuing to work with you and our many friends and partners around the world. Daniel Weiner added.


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