Trump is trying to exit illegal immigrants


US President Donald Trump’s deportation norms will affect around 3 lakh Indian Americans. It was estimated that 11 million illegal immigrants are staying in United States. Department of Home land Security started the operations in a mission mode. Recently Mexican president critised the move of Trump saying that Mexico will legally fight against the revised norms.

The number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. has stabilized in recent years after decades of rapid growth. Pew Research Centre, US estimates reveal that there were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. in 2014, a total unchanged from 2009 and accounting for 3.5% of the nation’s population. The U.S. civilian workforce included 8 million unauthorized immigrants in 2014, accounting for 5% of those who were working or were unemployed and looking for work.  Compared with their 5% share of the civilian workforce, unauthorized immigrants are from farming occupations (26%) and construction occupations (15%). In all industries and occupations, though, they are outnumbered by U.S.-born workers.

Mexicans form 52% of all unauthorized immigrants in 2014, though their numbers had been declining in recent years Meanwhile, the number of unauthorized immigrants from nations other than Mexico grew by 325,000 since 2009, to an estimated 5.3 million in 2014. Populations went up most for unauthorized immigrants from Asia and Central America. Increase in the number of unauthorized immigrants from other countries mostly offset the decline in the number from Mexico. Six states accounted for 59% of unauthorized immigrants which include California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. 

 Meanwhile Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged US president to develop a reflective, balanced and farsighted perspective on movement of skilled professionals.US is trying to make control over skilled and short term work visas. Proposed control on H1B visa will affect the professionals from India who are aspiring to work in United States. It will affect Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-STEM students in United States. But reports suggest that more than 50 percent of the STEM graduates in United States are from other countries. US students who are studying STEM courses are less than 50 percent. Even though Trump is making control over H1B visa, US won’t get required number of professionals from STEM category from the country.

India is worried about the prospects of IT industry where 80 percent of the export revenue is from United States. Uncertainty prevails in IT sector with regard to campus recruitment and hiring rates. Some of the IT companies even reduced the campus hiring rates. Proposed US work visa control may affect Indian IT industry worth 100 billion US dollars. Moreover United States banned USAID to nongovernmental organizations abroad which include international assistance for HIV screening, Cancer and healthcare. Funding support enjoyed by students like Scholarships, fellowships, Assistant ships and provision for part time work will be reduced further which will affect students from Asian Countries.

Department of Home land Security (DHS)’s restriction on L1 visa may affect the Indian companies to transfer their staff to their companies working in United States. Changes in L4 visa may affect the dependents of L1 visa. Proposed legislation will affect those staying in US who are aspiring for green card or permanent residency. Meanwhile Trump has laid the ground work for deporting illegal immigrants.


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