Facilities Management- better prospects ahead


Recently numerous new generation management programmes like facilities management are emerging as the potential employment sectors in the country. Understanding the complexities of technologies used in various operations, architects, consultants, builders, contractors, property managers and facility managers today need to understand the new requirements of facilities. It is therefore becoming increasingly necessary to create awareness on the relevance and global techniques employed to make facilities efficient. Quantum jump in Banking and financial services, healthcare, IT and ITeS paved the way for growth in Facilities management. It is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organization, often associates with business services functions such as offices, arenas, schools, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, etc. This facilitates the business on a much wider range of activities than just business services.

Employment opportunities for Facilities management professionals are more in private sector. Facilities management includes time management, self motivation, relationship building, credibility enhancement, workplace conflict resolution, problem solving and managerial competence. Graduates can apply for post graduate programme in facilities management. Facilities management professionals can work with retail, supply chain, banking, financial services, tourism, hospitality and healthcare sector.

The core content of the courses are planning and project management, operations and maintenance, real estate, quality assessment and innovation, leadership and management, human and environmental factors, finance, communication, and all trades pertaining to facility management.
Facility managers are involved in managing all aspects of a facility or facilities.

They operate at Strategic and operational levels. At the strategic level, one needs to take crucial decisions and contribute to strategic planning while at the operational level, a facility manager need to take charge of maintenance of more technical services. Facility managers should have requisite skills and knowledge in Designing and Space Planning, Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Communication, Organizing and Team management.

Institutes offering Facility Management

  • International Facility Management Institute, Bangalore
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
  • Women’s Christian College, Chennai
  • INLEAD, Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Imperial college, London
  • University of Westminster, UK
  • Greenwich University, UK
  • Cardiff University, UK
  • Robert Gordon University, UK

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