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Engineering placements 2013: Samsung, Google, Microsoft hire big

Placement season has come by again and has brought reasons to cheer for both students and faculty at the IITs.

MNCs have come forward and hired students for its offices overseas as well as in India in significant numbers. some top offers have also been made. Here's a round-up of all the offers that have been made at different campuses.

Leading the pack at the premier institute based in Bombay right now is Samsung Korea, which has hired around 14 candidates for its offices based in Korea and the USA. The highest among them was an offer of Rs. 85 lakh (approx.) which excludes incentives.
It had hired only one candidate last year.

Tech giants Google and Microsoft also picked up students for its offices in both India and the States. Google hired seven students for for its office in India and three for its California office.

Microsoft hired nine, which included four and five students for its offices in India and the US respectively.

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Oracle has made the highest offer so far with a package of approximately 1.3 crore, out of which around Rs. 70 lakh is the base package and the rest are performance-based incentives and other allowances.

Other firms such as Oracle, WorldQuant, Blackstone, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sach and Mckinsey and Bain also made significant offers.

Oracle has made a similar offer they made at IIT-B here. And other bug players like Intel Technology, Nomura Structured Finance Services, Eaton Technologies and Citicorp Services India have hired students in bulk.

Students accepted around 125 offers from 20 companies.

As many as 225 companies are scheduled to interview students this year compared with 170 last year.

Top companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, D B Centre, Opera Solutions, Microsoft,IBM, Schlumberger, Shell and SAP have visited the campus and made offers.

The highest domestic offer that has been made this time is Rs 36.9 lakh per annum.


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