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Job portals will become the preferred hiring channel for Indian recruiters in 2014


2014 will witness spectacular employment opportunities in Engineering, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry, Entrepreneurship, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, FMCG, Retail industry and Agribusiness and Food processing sectors. Cloud computing will continue to generate new jobs worldwide by 2015, and India alone will create over 2 million, predicts International Data Corporation. Pointing out to a strong linkage between cloud, innovation and entrepreneurship, the recent study predicts that most companies look at migration to cloud computing as a way to free up existing resources and work on more innovative projects. Recent study reveals that over two million jobs will be generated in the communication, media, manufacturing and banking sectors. Gender wise, girls will perform better than boys with an employability percentage of 42% compared with 33%.

Information Security Analysts, Petroleum Engineers, Interpreters and Translators, Convention and Event Planners, Database Administrators, Software Developers, Applications and Systems Software, Logisticians, Web Developers, Physical Therapists, Financial Analysts, Training and Development Specialists, Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists are the fastest growing and highest paying jobs for 2014.

The Indian software industry continues to add jobs at a fast pace. Economic uncertainties in the European Union will force multinational companies like Siemens and GE to start operations from India. International Health & Safety Recruitment Specialists, Allen & York predicted that increase in job opportunities for the Health & Safety practitioner within the Risk & Safety, Oil & Gas industry, Chemical and Renewable Energy sectors.

Research studies done by different HR services research agencies like MAFOI, NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM, CRISIL, Deutsche bank and Hewitt revealed that Indian career market will exhibit quantum jump and by 2020 there will be spectacular changes in key sectors like energy, infrastructure, project engineering, telecom, ITeS, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Trade, Tourism and transport. Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing and Construction sector will exhibit spectacular growth during post parliamentary election period in 2014.

Potential sectors are Energy (Oil, Gas, Coal & Power) - India has acquired the status of fifth largest power generation capacity in world. There is huge demand for skilled workers in the Oil and Gas industry. Since stiff competition is occurring between Private and PSU units, PSUs are aggressively started revising their HR policies.

Infrastructure - During 2014 there will be reduction in growth of infrastructure sector. Ports, Highways, airports and other amenities are the basic drive behind this growth.

Project engineering - Global engineering services Outsourcing market will reach 150-215 US Billion $ by 2020. Of which India’s share will increase from 14% to 25% by 2020. Engineering sector will become the biggest sector after IT and ITeS in the country.

Pharmaceuticals - By 2015 Indian Pharmaceutical industry will reach 20Billion US$ turnover. There is good potential for generic drug market in the country. Indian Pharma industry employs quality manpower and excels from low cost of production, world class technology and research.

Retail industry - India ranks fifth in retail industry in the world. Increase in standard of living creates spectrum of opportunities in the retail sector. FDI will seek more man power from Tier 1 and 2 cities. But political issues in pre parliament election period will affect FDI sectors.AAP is working against FDI in the country

Telecom - India is the third largest country in Telecom sector globally after China and USA. Country’s mobile subscribers will be around 6 % of the world market by 2015.Rural penetration coupled with 4G technology and competition will facilitate better career prospects in this sector.

Banking, Finance and Insurance - Banking sector growth will not exhibit spectacular during 2014.Public sector banks are trying to open overseas markets. Government of India started permitting private companies to start banks in the country. Some of the potential areas are Asset management, Broking, Investment and Insurance. All Public and private sector banks require skilled professionals in the areas of finance, banking, marketing and HRD management. Banking, financial services and insurance and IT-enabled services are not expecting a major increase during the first two quarters.

Education, Training and Consultancy - In the Globalised era education, training and Consultancy are some of the key sectors which can drive more employment in the country. Hospitality and Travel- This is one of the fastest growing segments in the World.

US jobs - Fastest growing jobs projected up to 2018 by US Bureau for labor statistics are Biomedical engineers, Network systems and data communication analysts, financial examiners, medical scientists except epidemiologists, Physician assistants, Biochemists and biophysicists, Veterinarians, Software engineers, applications, system software, food technologists. Biomedical engineers, Petroleum engineers and Environmental engineers.

According to People Matters - CareerBuilder survey, 82% of Indian employers prefer job portals as their preferred hiring channel. The survey further noted that Indian organizations still rely very less on social communities as less than 20% of organizations rely heavily on social media hiring. Preferred social media channels that are used for hiring are LinkedIn and Face book. 10% of their hiring is done through print media. The employment outlook will be positive in the country with 58 per cent employers anticipating a growth in staff numbers over the next 12 months. This positive outlook in recruitment has mainly been driven by global companies looking at India as a core growth market due to uncertainties in the US and European economies. Moreover India is emerging as a logical business hub with a well-qualified young workforce (more than 51 percent of average age group 26) with adequate infrastructure facilities to support international business activities.

With regard to demand for talent, the report forecasts an increase in demand at the middle management level across all sectors. A steady volume of recruitment at graduate level is also expected in the coming years. Specialist skill sets, currently limited in the existing talent pool are also likely to be in demand. IT and software industry plans to hire more of management graduates than other domains. Industries are looking for hands-on people. NASSCOM studies reveal that one in four joining the labour force was employable.

Overall job readiness among Indian job market entrants will be 34% and the sectors like pharmaceuticals (54%) and engineering (51%) will exhibit robust hiring. Those possessing degree or diploma from industrial training institutes, and Master’s in computer applications and management will be next in the sequence, with an employable percentage of 46%, 43% and 41%, respectively in Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh majority of the employable pool Pradesh, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Odisha and West Bengal.


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