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How Students Succeeds?

Dr.T.P Sethumadhavan

 Over the years, educational sector is witnessing spectacular growth in the country. The stagnation of employment in developed countries and apparent recovery in developing countries have renewed perceptions of a global shift in employment to the developing world. Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization have opened up avenues for graduates to enter in to new generation emerging occupations. Emergence of new generation courses, increasing network of educational institutions and demand for career oriented programmes and prospects for study abroad programmes are the recent trends observed in the educational sector. But the education sector can fulfill the responsibilities only if students, teachers and parents are aware of the changing trends.


There is nothing more dangerous than creating unemployable youths. Proper education is the key to National security and social progress. Education should focus on expansion, equity, excellence and employability. Education sector had witnessed sustained expansion. From 1947 the literacy in the country has grown from 17 percent to 74 percent; Women’s literacy from 8.9 percent to 65.5 percent. The number of students pursuing higher education from 4 lakh to two Crore. Number of Universities from 30 to 648 and number of colleges from 700 to 35000. With opportunities transcending barriers of caste, religion, gender, ethnic divisions and distance, education sector has achieved equity in some measure. But the country requires more educational institutions of excellence. Employers complain that graduates produced by some of our educational institutions are unemployable. Knowledge of 3 English was a passport to economic, social and educational advancement. Keralites have to interact with non Malayalam speaking people, especially because their land cannot provide them large employment opportunities and they are forced to go to the rest of the World.

 2014 will witness spectacular employment opportunities in Engineering, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry, Entrepreneurship, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, FMCG, Retail industry, Agribusiness and Food processing sectors. Recent study reveals that over two million jobs will be generated in communication, media, manufacturing and banking sectors. Gender wise, girls will perform better than boys with an employability percentage of 42% compared with 33%. Information Security Analysts, Petroleum Engineers, Interpreters and Translators, Convention and Event Planners, Database Administrators, Software Developers, Applications and Systems Software, Logisticians, Web Developers, Physical Therapists, Financial Analysts, Training and Development Specialists, Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists are the fastest growing and highest paying jobs in the coming future. With regard to demand for talent, an increase in demand at the middle management level across all sectors and steady volume of recruitment at graduate level is also expected in the coming years. IT and software industry plans to hire more of management graduates than other domains. Industries are looking for hands-on people. NASSCOM studies reveal that one in four joining the labor force was employable.


The common problems students face while making career choices are parents dictating every move, financial burdens, social and peer pressure, information gaps, myths, biases, and prejudices, hierarchical systems and pecking orders and fear of failure.4 Eliminate the things which the student does not want in a future career, identify the hobbies that energize. Identify the favorite subjects and prepare Curriculum vitae based on strength. While searching for jobs research the sector based on history, research the jobs available in these sectors and identify the right jobs based on the job description. The book titled How Students Succeed? Introduces the emerging areas which can transform young student’s minds and provide new insights for acquiring better career.


Success Mantra

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