Potential problems at home requires more attention for success at School; says US teachers


On the verge of violence and consequent death of a 17 year student who was stabbed to death and three others were injured during a fight at a high school campus in Houston in the US State of Texas this week, some of the eminent teachers from United States shares the secrets to make everyone’s school experience better and for a peaceful atmosphere in the campus.

A cordial Student-Teacher-Parent relationship will help to maintain success in education. It is important for the parent/guardian to attend school night and parent teacher conferences. This will help to review course expectations, grading policies, distribution of important documents, share contact information and discuss the progress of the child. Try to address potential problems at home that may interfere with child’s success at school such as family illness, divorce or economic struggles. These details will help a teacher to better communicate with the child. Parents can also rely on mentors (like coaches, advisors or opinion leaders). They are the role models and build confidence to the child and are in a unique position to fill parents and guardians on academic, social and emotional problems that may arise. This would be the most valuable link to your child’s personal life.

Social media and the internet are changing the way society communicates, and many teachers are embracing new technologies as a way to engage parents. They want you to interact with them on their websites, social media spaces and blogs. Parents and teachers need to change their traditional thinking about learning. Most teachers are not willing to change because they are under so much pressure to uphold tradition and fear for their jobs. Don’t be quick enough to judge a teacher in the way of teaching. New methodologies will prepare students for success in today’s society.

The key to student success is the ability and willingness of parents to be partners in education with teachers. When problems arise, parents should not be so quick to defend students before learning both sides. Remember decisions are often made for good of all of students in a class not just for a particular child. Teachers also need parents to support learning through a regular review of assigned work, due dates and grades. Try to maintain good grades. Access to grades in real time is valuable only when parents check it frequently. Teachers should assign projects a few weeks ahead of time, but students often forget about them until the weekend before. When you see a project assigned, set up a time table for your child’s completion. If there is a choice of projects, let the child decide, even if it is not the choice you would make. E mail the teacher with any questions, next week gather the materials, and if it is an online project work around the website. Use the remainder of the time for the child to complete the project.

Research findings suggest that one of the best things parents can do to support child is to help him/her develop motivation to learn. Praise efforts and specific works instead of native intelligence. Try to connect what children are studying to what is happening in their life and in the world. Discuss with media reports and issues. Avoid using rewards and punishments for academic work.


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