Do You Have What It Takes To Get Into A Great School?

The most common question MBA-wannabes are asking right now: “What are my chances of getting into a top-ranked business school?” As would-be applicants pore over the raw stats and acceptance numbers of their dream schools, they’re sizing up their own odds of getting into a Harvard or Stanford, Columbia or Chicago, Kellogg or Tuck. And they’re making the inevitable calculations to answer the question: Should I invest the time and energy to apply this year? Do you have what might be called “nosebleed stats” likely to open the doors to a top school? Or did you goof off during your undergrad years ...
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Specialization and skill will provide better employment

Lower birth rates, increasing levels of education & training and higher rates of economic growth are gradually restoring balance between population and employment opportunities. The world is now in the early stages of demographic revolution, which promises to have tremendous impact on the future of employment worldwide. World Bank study estimates that 68 million immigrants will be needed to meet labor requirements by 2050. In the globalised era educational and career prospects may vary depending upon the developmental initiatives and emerging issues. In 2013 as per McKinsey report, internet market will offer umpteen opportunities for ...
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Tips on active learning

Active learning is acquiring momentum now a days. Foreign education institutions are now giving more thrust to active learning methodologies. Although this module has been developed based on lectures and power point presentations, experience demonstrates that more active learning takes place through discussions, practice and demonstrations and student to student teaching. Studies have shown that average maximum attention span for attending a presentation is around 20 minutes. This is why we encourage you to keep lectures to a maximum of 30 minutes, allowing more time for active learning. Students are often faced with a disconnect ...
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Indian students require one year home work before proceeding for US education

Recently more number of students are interested to pursue Under graduate and management education from United States. The process of going from High School to college for undergraduate programmes includes many challenges and opportunities. Decision in this regard must be taken after thorough consultation. Before proceeding for under graduate programme abroad, discuss with the teachers, parents and educational counselors about your probable options. Important criteria for admission are the student’s grade point averages based on grades earned in the high school. Examinations like ACT and SAT will test the applicant’s abilities in ...
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Directory on Overseas Education

There are certain initiatives, which promote awareness programmes on overseas education in India. Some of them are British Council libraries, United States India Education Foundation, Canadian Education Center, Australian Education Center, Campus France, German Academic Exchange Service and Japan Cultural and Information Center. Students can visit their respective websites to get authentic information on educational institutions and study abroad programmes including funding options. British Council Libraries-British Council division of British High Commission has a network of 13 British Council Libraries in the country. They offer ...
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