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Immense opportunities for Android developers in India

  In the era of Information and Communication technology, Mobile apps are emerging as potential areas of knowledge transfer across the World. More than 60 percent Indians are using mobile phones; of which 90 percent smartphone users are using Mobile Apps. India is second largest smart phone market in the World. Third largest country for downloads in 2015 within the Google Play Store. 66 Apps installed per user, 23 used daily.90% of Smart phone users use Apps-150 million. It will touch 200 million by 2019.Mobile as the ideal platform 97% for Communication, 53% for Shopping, 34% for News & Magazines, 30% Mobile Games, ...
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Prospects for executive MBA programmes

                Research findings of different HR services research agencies like MAFOI, NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM, CRISIL, Deutsche bank and Hewitt revealed that Indian job market will exhibit quantum jump and by 2020 there will be spectacular changes in key sectors like energy, infrastructure, project engineering, telecom, ITeS, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Trade, Tourism and transport. Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing and Construction sector will exhibit spectacular growth during post parliamentary ...
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Time for bravery in achieving access

Higher education has changed. This is the age of mass higher education. It will soon be the age of universal higher education, and universities must no longer act as if they are still inaccessible, ivory tower bastions of the elite and only the elite. The argument that students somehow benefit from the futile exercise of cost-sharing is a political and ideological one – not an evidence-based one. In the words of Elisabeth Gehrke, ESU’s vice chair, the argument that universal higher education is a luxury that we cannot afford is an even more deeply political statement when trillions are expended on defence, espionage and chemical ...
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Specialization and skill will generate more employment in 2013

Lower birth rates, increasing levels of education & training and higher rates of economic growth are gradually restoring balance between population and employment opportunities. The world is now in the early stages of demographic revolution, which promises to have tremendous impact on the future of employment worldwide. World Bank study estimates that 68 million immigrants will be needed to meet labor requirements by 2050. In the globalised era educational and career prospects may vary depending upon the developmental initiatives and emerging issues. In 2013 as per McKinsey report, internet market will offer umpteen opportunities for ...
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Entrepreneurship Management-Better prospects ahead

Recently Entrepreneurship is acquiring momentum in the country. This is a powerful educational means of training business professionals regardless of whether they started a new venture or not. Entrepreneurs see business in a more holistic way than do managers, who often see issues in terms of functional domains. We live in an increasingly busy world in which the divide between the haves and the have nots is growing. This requires job creation at rates that are not possible for most businesses and Governments. This results in high rate of unemployment among educated youths. This is a major challenge and necessitates Entrepreneurship ...
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Harvard and MIT offer free online courses

Students around the world will get a rare opportunity to associate with top class American Universities. Recently American Universities like Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced a non profitable partnership company edX worth 30 million US dollars to offer free online courses. Moreover Universities coming under Ivy League like Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Chicago formed a new commercial company Coursera with 16 million US dollar under venture capital fund. MIT started an open online learning project MITx. 1,20000 students have enrolled for the course on Circuits and Electronics. Meanwhile ...
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