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Videsath Uparipadam

Recently more number of Indian students are interested to pursue education abroad. United States of America, UK and Canada are their preferred destinations. But some students prefer Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and other countries in the European Union. In the era of globalization, awareness on study abroad programmes among students are comparatively scarce.

Overseas education is not an easy task. Even though it has better prospects, series of processes are needed for getting admission abroad. Studying abroad might not be expensive, if you plan well in advance. Financial aid for overseas education is limited to deserving meritorious candidates. So it is advisable to start the search for financial aid early, if the student wants to seek admission to a programme. Number of universities and colleges offer financial aid in the form of awards, Scholarships, fellowships, tuition waivers, teaching and research assistantships. Moreover various agencies and institutions offer loans, loan scholarships and gift scholarships.

This book in Malayalam explains the prospects, processes and potentials of study abroad programmes. This include proficiency tests, country wise requirements, best rated educational institutions, funding options like fellowships and scholarships etc. This book can be taken as a ready reckoner for students aspiring for study abroad programmes.

Published by DC Books

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