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Mikacha Coursukal, Mikavutta Thozhilukal

Over the years, educational sector is witnessing spectacular growth in the country. The stagnation of employment in developed countries and apparent recovery in developing countries after the Great Recession have renewed perceptions of a global shift in employment to the developing world. Major domains like liberalization, Globalization and Privatization have opened up avenues for graduates to enter in to new generation emerging occupations. Emergence of new generation courses, increasing network of educational institutions and demand for career oriented programmes and prospects for study abroad programmes are the recent trends observed in the educational sector. However the education sector can fulfill its responsibilities if only students, teachers and parents are aware of the changing trends. Selection of the courses for higher education is a major challenge faced by students and parents.

Capacity building is the crucial but expensive component of human resource development (HRD), however, the performance improvement can be effected mainly through training. Training is a planned effort that intends to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of performance of the teachers. Innovative teaching makes class room interactive and interesting thereby igniting and inspiring the minds of students. There exists a huge gap in curriculum, teaching methods, research resources and pedagogical issues between India and developed countries.

This book in Malayalam explains top 20 courses having higher education and career prospects within the country and abroad. This is the single source of information for students, parents and teachers. This will also give an opportunity for the students to understand and choose from the available options. This book will help to improve the capacities of teachers, students and parents culminating in a course of selection matching the aptitude of students.

Published by DC Books

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